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Ordering beef by the quarter, half, or whole is the most economical way to get quality beef, especially grass-fed beef as this meat is very expensive to buy by the pound. Please read below for instructions on how to order.

Pay Process and Pickup

When paying for your 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef you will be paying Eagle Springs Farm for the beef price and you will also be paying the butcher for your custom butcher order. Both prices are assessed according to the cow's hanging weight. The butcher charge is further customized according to your desired cuts, packaging, and jerky or sausage order if applicable.

We will give your contact information to the butcher and about one week before the cows are killed the butcher will call you and get your custom cut order. They will explain the different cuts that your 1/4 or 1/2 beef will contain and give you all the options.  Once the cows are dropped off and killed and processed down to hanging weight then we will know your final beef charge and will contact you and give you the price of the beef.  The beef is then hung in a climate controlled cooler and dry-aged for 10-14 days. During this time you will need to pay Eagle Springs Farm for the beef.  After the beef is aged it will be cut and packaged according to your custom cut order. Once the meat is packaged  and after you paid Eagle Springs Farm then you will be able to go to the meat processor and pick up your meat and pay the butcher charge.

Beef Charge

You will be paying Eagle Springs Farm for the beef. The price is calculated per pound of the hanging weight for your portion of the cow. At the time the cow is killed and the beef is hung to age for 7-14 days is when a full payment must be made to Eagle Springs Farm. Cash or check accepted.

Whole, Half or Quarter Beef: $4.00 per pound of hanging weight

Butcher Charge

There is a $125 kill fee per cow that you will split and either pay 1/4, 1/2 or all. The butcher then charges you $.75 per pound of Hanging Weight to cut up the beef into your specific cut order.

$.75 per pound of hanging weight + kill fee

Estimate your cost

Your price will be based on the final hanging weight of your portion of the cow. The actual weight of the cow will vary but should fall somewhere below weight estimations. Our cows will typically weigh between 1,200-1,400 lbs.

1,200-1,400 lbs ~ Live Weight (Whole Cow)
725-775 lbs ~ Hanging Weight (Whole Cow)
400-420 lbs ~ Packaged Weight (Whole Cow)


The weights and prices below are based on the average hanging weight of our cows which is 768 lbs.

Quarter Beef:
Hanging Weight will be 192 lbs
Meat Charge will be @$4.00/lb - $768
Butcher Charge will be $31.25 + $144
Total Price - $943.25

1/4 cow will yield about 105 lbs of packaged beef

Half Beef:
Hanging Weight will be 384 lbs
Meat Charge will be @$4.00/lb - $1,536
Butcher Charge will be $62.50 + $288
Total Price - $1,886.50

1/2 cow will yield about 210 lbs of packaged beef

Whole Beef:
Hanging Weight will be 768 lbs
Meat Charge will be @$4.00/lb - $3,072
Butcher Charge will be $125 + $576
Total Price - $3,773.00

A whole cow will yield about 420 lbs of packaged beef

When you order a 1/4 beef, you will receive what is called a split half. This is because the cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half. So on 1/4 beef orders the cuts are evenly divide between the front and back to give each order a full selection. Customers ordering a 1/4 beef will receive a split half of the normal cut options. Customers ordering a whole or 1/2 beef can put in a custom cut order with the butcher.

Here are some questions that the the butcher may ask our whole and 1/2 beef customers:

Do you want T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks or NY Strip and Tenderloin?
Do you want your brisket and short ribs turned into ground beef?
Ground Beef (how many lbs per package)?
What steak thickness?

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